I lost my billing account password, can you help?

The password to the Account Manager can be reset at https://account.buyhttp.com/pwreset.php

Cloud server Account Manager : https://account.buyhttp.com/cloud/root&action=passreminder

- Enter your email address and click Send New Password.
- If you have setup a security question you will be prompted to enter the answer
- You will receive an email with a link to authorize the reset. Click the link and your new password will be sent to you.

Note: If your account was suspended including your email this method will not work as you won't be able to receive emails, in this case you can contact us through the Sales desk via this online form http://www.buyhttp.com/contact_us.html providing as muh information about your account as possible (username, password, address, phone number, etc...) in order for us to verify your identity.
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