How do I embed a Facebook status in a WordPress post?

Facebook now allows you to embed a status update anywhere you want online. One popular place to do that is in a WordPress blog, so in this article we'll show you how to accomplish that.

First, you need to know what you can embed. Any post that is publically viewable is able to be embeded. To determine if you post is publically viewable look for a globe icon next to the update. When you visit your Facebook page you'll see the icon like this.

To get that status update URL, just click the date or time link. Then just copy the URL as you're going to need it going forward.

Embedding the post with a plugin

The best way to get the status on your blog is by using a plugin. Facebook has an official plugin for accomplishing this. After you activate the plugin when you go to a post you just need to paste in the URL to your Facebook status using the status shortcode.

[facebook_embedded_post href="{$facebook_post_url}"]

After you save the post and look at it you'll be able to see your status update in your post.

Embed the post manually

Your other option is to manually embed the post in your status. It's not as fast as using the plugin so this method isn't recommended.

You need to go to the Embedded  Posts page on the Facebook developers site. Paste in your status URL and press the Get Code button.

You'll then get a popup window with the code to insert your post. The HTML5 code is the cleanest way to do it. You need to edit your wp-header.php file and insert the code just after thetag.

Then just paste the second chunk of code where you want the status to appear in WordPress. You'll need to be in code view for this to work.

Hopefully this has given you a better understanding of how you can get a Facebook status update to show in your WordPress blog.

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