I want to offer any of my files in a directory for easy access. Is there a way to simple provide a directory listing of all the files in a directory?

Directory browsing is turned off system-wide by default to allow site developers the privacy of their site structure and un-linked content. However, you do have the ability to selectively enable directory browsing in your site. Simple Solution

The method is simple. You need one file named: .htaccess (That's a dot, followed by htaccess as the file name suffix, there is no prefix to this file name.) In the file enter this one line of text: Options +Indexes That's all there is to it.

This short line of text simply tells the Apache web server to allow directory browsing, thereby permitting public browsing of all contents within the directory where this file appears. Keep in mind, however, that this includes all sub-directories and files contained within that directory.

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