Sessions table error

DB function failed with error number 1016
Can't open file: 'jos_session.MYI'. (errno: 145) SQL=SELECT session_id FROM jos_session WHERE session_id = MD5( '9e1149307ff97d242b20df7e29eec53b' ) SQL =SELECT session_id FROM jos_session WHERE session_id = MD5( '9e1149307ff97d242b20df7e29eec53b' )

If you are getting an error on your site that look like that, this is how you fix it:

1. Log in to cPanel

2. Go to phpMyAdmin

3. Check the checkbox next to your sessions table

4. Select Repair from the drowpdown menu

The session table is constantly being written to and deleted from and can become corrupted. If this does not work for you, open a support ticket.

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