PHP Limits for Shared Hosting & Resellers

PHP has been configured to use the following settings on our shared and reseller servers:

safe mode = off

memory_limit = 128M

max_execution_time = 30

post_max_size = 64M

upload_max_filesize = 64M

enable_dl = Off

The above settings cannot be changed on a shared and reseller acount. We have found that a majority of the php scripts will work within these limits and the ones that require more are best suited for a VPS or dedicated server. These limits are set to prevent extremely high resource usage in shared environments.

We also set the following:

register_globals = On

magic_quotes_gpc = On

These two settings can be changed using a custom php.ini file located in the same folder as the script that requires the settings. If you have a script that requires higher limits, we recommend hosting this on VPS or dedicated server and not within a shared environment. VPS & Dedicated servers can have their limits raised to any value required.

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