Are SSL certs automatically renewed?

No, they are not.

SSL certificates are used to encrypt and secure transmission of sensitive data between the site and users but the main purpose of a certificate is actually to establish the identity of your website through a trusted third party so customers know the site is yours and not an imitation. SSL certificates include domain, business name, address, phone number, and email address. Over the course of a year, these things may change, the business may end, etc. Then they do check whois for the domain to verify it matches the info provided to them for the certificate. For these reasons, we do not automatically renew SSL certificates.

You should keep track of your own SSL renewal date and contact us 30 days prior to expiration to renew it. It is your responsibility and important to your business. However, we usually (though not always) will receive a renewal notice from the SSL certificate issuer and will pass that notice on to the email address on file. Be sure the email address on file is kept current and is regularly checked.

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