What is Server Monitoring with Proactive Outage Response?

Server monitoring with proactive outage support includes all server monitoring features below plus our supuport team will be notified and respond to any outage and fix any problem on your behalf, Our normal response time is 5 to 30 minutes.

Server Monitoring:

Adding server monitoring to your cloud server help you change from reactive to proactive when it comes to your server, keeping a watchful eye on all your systems and alerting you to things that need attention.

Cloud servers with server monitoring are added to our monitoring system and notification of any problem is sent to you via email, monitored services includes:

- Network availability via Ping
- CPU usage - Memory usage
- Load Average 1,5,15
- Web server availability via HTTP Protocol
- MySQL Server usage and availability

If you have chosen to use EPESI for your CRM application, you can count on BUYHTTP

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