What is Server Management?

Server management includes the following services:

System Administration

- Buyhttp server management covers the day to day server administration which involves troubleshooting and resolving server operating issues to ensure the best uptime possible.

- Operating System package updates and kernel Upgrades

- Backend Server Upgrades - PHP, Apache, MySQL, etc

- Configure server for compatiblity with popular php scripts like Joomla, Mambo, Wordpress, etc...

Control Panel Management

Buyhttp will keep your control panel up to date with with security patches, new releases and features

Proactive Security Patching

Respond to security inciedents and apply new patches as soon as they become available to maintain the highest level of server security.

3rd Party Software Installation

Third-party server software installation assistance for control panel approved plugins such as ImageMagick, Fantastico/Softaculous, GD Library, etc.

Backup Management

Setup and configure your server backup and perform account backup and restore on demand.

Log Monitoring

Perform log analysis for main services such web, mail, mysql and firewall

Security Monitoring

Buyhttp will routinely investigate your server for potential security issues.

Honest Advice

Web hosting and server management is complicated subject for the average person so if you ever have any questions, our server management team has over 10 years of experince and will do the best they can to provide you the best solution for your needs.

Server Monitoring & Proactive response

If your server include monitoring and proactive response our management team will monitor health of the server, including server load, Memory usage, CPU processing and MySQL connections and respond to any alert or issue.

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