How do I add a category?

 How do I add a contact?

 How do I add a content item?

 How do I add a menu item?

 How do I add Adsense to my site?

In this tutorial we will be adding Adsense to our Joomla site. This can be an easy way to make...

 How do I assign a template to a menu item?

 How do I backup my database with phpMyAdmin?

 How do I change the access level of content?

 How do I change the homepage?

 How do I configure Joomla 1.6?

 How do I control article publishing?

 How do I create a menu item that isn't a link?

While your usability experts will tell you that having a menu item that isn't a link is a bad...

 How do I create a module?

 How do I edit the template?

 How do I email site users?

 How do I enable SEF URLs?

 How do I get into a locked article?

It's happened to just about everyone at some point. You're going though, editing articles, and...

 How do I install Joomla with Softaculous?

 How do I install Joomla?

 How do I link between my articles?

Joomla doesn't have an automated method for linking between it's article. If you have an already...

 How do I manage banners?

In this tutorial we will be managing banners on our Joomla site. This can be an easy way to make...

 How do I manage extensions?

 How do I manage modules?

 How do I manage permissions?

 How do I manage users?

 How do I setup RSS?

 How do I use the media manager?

 How do I use the menu manager?

 How do I use the trash manager?

 Why is my Joomla site slow?

Have you noticed that a lot of sites out there seem to load faster than your Joomla site? Joomla...

 I am a new customer. Can you install Joomla for me?

Absolutely! Every new account comes with one free professional installation of Joomla. All you...

 What is the recommended files/folders permission for Joomla?

Set folders permission to 755 and files to 644. When you aren't modifying the configuration.php...

 I am busy running my business, can you maintain my Joomla site for me?

Sure, You can purchase maintenance hours and everytime you ask us to perform a specific task like...

 How familiar are you with Joomla?

We are extremely familiar with both Joomla and Mambo. We have been using Mambo since v4.1 (early...

 My SEF (Search Engine Friendly URL) option doesn't work?

Did you remember to change the name of the htaccess.txt to .htaccess (or copy the contents)? We...

 Can you accommodate high traffic Joomla sites?

Yes, our servers are optimized to run Joomla sites with high traffic.

 Sessions table error

DB function failed with error number 1016 Can't open file: 'jos_session.MYI'....

 How to uninstall/delete/remove my Joomla site?

Delete all of the files in the public_html folder using FTP or the cPanel file manager (be...