How do I add Adsense to my site?

In this tutorial we will be adding Adsense to our Joomla site. This can be an easy way to make money on your site. We are using this Adsense module for this tutorial, but you can use any module and they will be very similar. Start by going to Extensions > Install / Uninstall.

Then browse to the installer file on your computer.

Double click on the installer file to choose it.

Then click Upload File & Install.

The module has been installed. Now we need to set it up. Go to Extensions > Module Manager.

Find the module and click on the title to edit it.

There is an area to enter your Adsense code. You get this from Google and it's what's used to control the look of the links, as well as make sure you get credit for the clicks. When you've inserted the code click the Save button.

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