How do I transfer my domain name without downtime?

To avoid downtime, please follow the following procedures:

  •  Sign up for a new account using our order form and it will be setup within 24 hours. We will send you a "Welcome and Account Setup" letter which will include login details and name server information so you can start to upload your files to our server.


  • After you are finished uploading your files, contact your domain name registrar and have your domain name pointed to our DNS name servers found in your welcome letter.It will take between 12-72 hours for your registrar to update their DNS.


  • Once it's updated, your domain name will point to your website that you have with us automatically.


  • After you confirm that your website is pointing to our nameservers, (you can use a ping command to find out:(ping go ahead and cancel your account with your previous hosting company.

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