How to change the admin color scheme in WordPress 3.8

We're big fans of the new admin layout in WordPress 3.8. One complaint we've seen going around though is that the default color scheme is just too dark. It's a complaint we sympathize with. Forutnately, WordPress has made changing the colors to something more of your liking quite easy.

WordPress comes with 8 different color schemes you can switch to in a few clicks. We'll walk you through that and also walk you through adding even more choices if you still can't find something you like.

When you login to the admin panel in 3.8, this is the default color scheme you'll see:

Changing the colors is as easy as going to Users > Your Profile. You'll see 8 different color schemes to choose from.

Changing to a new one is as simple as clicking it. You'll immediately be changed.

If you still don't like the colors, you need to install the Admin Color Schemes plugin. Activate it, and when you go to your profile page you'll see a total of 16 color profiles to choose from.

With 16 color schemes to choose from you should be able to find at least one you like. Combine this with the new clean, responsive design and you can see why the new admin panel is a great improvement over the old one.

If you happen to prefer video, here it is for you.

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