Prevent unauthorized WordPress wp-admin and wp-login.php attempts

 01.  Login in to cPanel

 02. Click Directory Privacy

 03. Click the folder icon next to public_html

 04. Click wp-admin

 05. Select Password protect this directory

 06. Enter WordPress Admin for Name then click Save

 07. Click Go Back

 08. Under Create User enter a Username, click Password Generator to create a strong password.

 09. Save the password, click I have copied this password in a safe place and click Use Password

 10. Click Save at the bottom of the page

 11. Go back to cPanel home page and click File Manager

 12. Open public_html directory

 13. Open wp-admindirectory

 14. Select .htaccess and click Edit

 15. Add below text in the file

ErrorDocument 401 "Unauthorized"
ErrorDocument 403 "Forbidden"

# Allow admin-ajax.php access
<files admin-ajax.php>
Order allow,deny
Allow from all
Satisfy any


   17. Click public_html on the left
   18. Select .htaccess and click Edit
19. At the top of the file enter the code below

ErrorDocument 401 "Unauthorized"
ErrorDocument 403 "Forbidden"
<filesmatch "wp-login.php">
AuthType Basic
AuthName "WordPress Admin"
AuthUserFile "/home/USERNAME/.htpasswds/public_html/wp-admin/passwd"
require valid-user

   20. Note: Replace *USERNAME* with your cPanel username
   21. Click Save Changes

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